We're thrilled to bring you our newest collection, designed with the competition stage in mind. For years, 2-Die-4 styles have been the best-of-the-best solo costumes. And now, Tenth House is joining forces with them in a stellar collaboration you don't want to miss. We're bringing these new designs to your group and solo dancers who crave access to elite, must-have styles everyone is dying to wear. You have to see this!


Perfect. Then you'll be pleased to know that all these new styles are rebate-eligible through our Revolution Rewards program. And as always, Revolution will ship these styles to you performance-ready, in garment bags! Click through the images below to shop and be sure to login to see pricing. Enjoy.


Bahar Carmichael of 2-Die-4-is a seasoned costume designer who creates custom pieces for dancers both nationally and internationally. At the start, Bahar began her career by costuming her daughter in a 60s-style solid Swarovski, color-blocked dress for her first solo “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.” Now, thirteen years later, Bahar’s 2-Die-4 team is dedicated to storytelling through design and treating every piece as if it is the most important piece of the season. Bahar’s designs always focus on being fashion-forward and representative of both the dancer and their piece of music; everyone’s jaws should drop when they see one of her pieces. This upcoming season, her company is fully booked and is already booking for the next season. Her designs and costumes are highly sought after by dancers, parents, and studio owners for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and creativity. This collaboration with Tenth House exists for the purpose of reaching even more members of the dance community, as everyone should have access to Bahar’s unique pieces!