Garment Care



Our dancewear is built to last, but only when it is treated with love and kindness. To get the longest lifespan out of your dancewear, follow these care guidelines:

  • Hand wash your leotards, dance dresses, skirts and warm-ups in cold water only
  • Do not use bleach on your dancewear
  • Wash different colors separately to prevent discoloration
  • Hang dry or line dry only - we do NOT recommend putting any dancewear into the dryer
  • Do not dry clean your dancewear
  • Treat stains/spots with a stain removal pen or spot treatment with detergent


All of our costumes ship in protective garment bags to keep your garment performance-ready. To keep your costumes in the best shape, follow these care guidelines:
  • Costumes may have a distinct smell when you first get them. Feel free to hang them up outside of the garment bag to air them out.
  • Keep costumes hung up and covered with the garment bag until you are ready to perform
  • Have a tutu? Hang it so it is flipped upside down when you are not wearing it to assure it will be beautiful and bouncy when you put it on
  • Keep accessories in a separate baggie attached to hanger to avoid accessories getting lost and/or snagging on costumes
  • Never wash your costume in a washing machine
  • We do not recommend washing your costume after use, especially costumes with specialty fabrics such as velvet, satin, sequins and jewels
  • If you get a stain on your costume, address the stain right away.
    • Run that specific area under cold water
    • Spot treat the garment with any non-bleach laundry spot treatment
    • If you get a blood stain on your garment, you can used salt and water to gently rub out the stain


Most of our dance shoes are not machine washable, with the exception of some ballet shoe styles. Try keeping your dance shoes smelling fresh by doing the following:
  • Always remove sweaty shoes from your dance bag when you get home from class so they can dry
  • Insert dryer sheets into your shoes when you are not wearing them to absorb any odor
  • Shoes last longer if you consistently wear footed tights, convertible tights, or socks with them to prevent breakdown inside the shoe
  • If a tap shoe screw gets loose, simple tighten with a small Phillips head screwdriver to lock it back into place


Tights should be hand washed in cold water and hung to dry.
  • Do not wash your tights with hot water
  • Do not put tights in the dryer
  • The best way to put on your tights is to bunch up each leg and pull securely from foot, rolling the tights up to your waist. This is the best way to prevent runs and roles.