Revolution Rewards


Earn all season long just by ordering Revolution and Tenth House costumes as usual. There’s no risk or effort required, you can simply sign up now to start enjoying this awesome program that's more than just cash back!

All Revolution Rewards members we will receive "Rewards Update" emails throughout the year to keep you informed of your rebate-eligible costume spend and estimated cash back amounts.

Here's how it works:


Forget about bulk discounts! Earn 10% cash back guaranteed no matter your order size.


Earn on costume orders placed between July 1, 2022–April 30, 2023. We’re flexible!


Get cash next summer — just when you need it the most!


We've made it easier than ever to join the program! Join today and pay nothing*. There’s zero risk. If you do not end up spending more than $4000 on costumes this year, you will not be charged a membership fee consider the season of resources, community, and purchasing perks our gift to you! 


Not only are you being rewarded for buying full-price costumes, but your membership includes valuable studio business resources, a private community of support made up of industry experts and studio owners like yourself, an extra 10% discount on RevRack clearance costumes, and our very valuable time-saving costume labeling service. This program is designed to be the best support for studios that you’ll find anywhere in the industry. 

This can be a very lonely business sometimes. We serve our dancers, parents, teachers and the community. Sometimes you need a break from the stress and need to take time for you. Me time is the only thing on my schedule tomorrow. I need to refill my cup. I’m so happy to be a part of such a supportive community! "



Annapolis, MD

The webinar “The Data that All Studio Owners Need to Know” by the amazing Suzanne Blake Gerety and Jill Tirone is one of the best trainings ever. It made me realize how great my studio is actually doing. I raised my tuition this season by the recommended percentage and I’m loving the results. I created a 5 year plan and redirected the difference to my retirement account. I’m loving my results. You made my day and my year. I’m excited about my vacation for next summer! "



Lafayette, LA

Studio owners need money in the summer. I would much rather have a cash back vs a discount. I can’t believe I never knew about the rebate before, but I am SO thankful for this. This cash back will literally pay my studio’s mortgage for July. Thank you so much!"


Prestonburg, KY

*At the end of the season, we will conveniently deduct your $399 membership fee from your total rebate payable...that means the program starts paying you with a $4,000+ cumulative full-price costume spend. If you don't end up spending enough money on costumes to cover your membership fee, your membership will simply expire on June 30, 2022, and you will not receive a rebate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Revolution Rewards program?  
We've made it easier than ever to join the program! Join today and pay nothing*. Sign up here and you will be enrolled for the 2022-2023 dance season through June 30, 2023. Purchase costumes all season long and earn a cash rebate. At the end of the season, we will conveniently deduct your $399 membership fee from your total rebate payable which means the program starts paying you with a $4,000+ cumulative costume spend. *If you don't end up spending enough money on costumes to cover your membership fee, your membership will simply expire on June 30, 2023, and you will not receive a rebate. You will not be charged a membership fee. Consider the season of content, community, and purchasing perks our gift to you!  

How do I know if I am already enrolled in the Revolution Rewards program? 
Please contact us via email or call us at 1-800-806-1157 to inquire about your Revolution Rewards membership status or to get help renewing. 

How do I earn a costume rebate? 
It’s easy! You earn cash back on every full-price costume purchased from the 2023 Revolution and Tenth House costume collections, from July 1, 2022–April 30, 2023. You’ve got nothing to track. We calculate your rebate based on your total spend for the eligible period. You can place as few and as many orders as you like throughout the year by phone or through the website, with no minimum order quantity to qualify.  
How is my rebate calculated? 
Your rebate is calculated based on your cumulative 2023 Revolution costume spend on orders placed from July 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023; shipped & received by June 30, 2023. Your Join Now, Pay Nothing membership fee of $399 will be automatically deducted from the value of your rebate and you will be sent the remaining balance. Note: Rebates are awarded based on cash value of costume purchases, less any cancellations or returns. Costume orders paid for using vouchers or any other discounts applied will be deducted from the rebate eligible spend. Rebate excludes RevRack clearance costumes. Shipping, handling, duties and taxes are not counted toward your rebate as they are not considered part of the cash value of a costume. If you have a balance due for any reason with any of our brands—Revolution, Tenth House,—it will be deducted from your payable rebate total.

When will I receive my rebate? We send you cash back in the summer when you need it most! Rebate payments will be disbursed by August 2023. Rebates are are awarded in US dollars and sent in check form. To ensure you receive your payment successfully, please verify the mailing address where the payment should be sent prior to disbursement in Spring 2023.

Will my rebate be paid in US dollars or Canadian dollars? 
All rebates are awarded in US dollars. Your shopping experience on our website displays everything in Canadian dollars, so don't be alarmed when the check displays a different value than what is shown in your "Final Rewards Update" email that will be sent prior to disbursement.

Why is my estimated rebate different from what appears in the Revolution Rewards Dashboard? 
The Revolution Rewards Dashboard is meant to provide an estimate of your current eligible spend to date. This dashboard does not factor in returns that have not been processed yet, recent cancellations or use of vouchers for payment. The numbers we provide to you via email are the most accurate estimate of your rebate. If you have questions regarding your order totals, cancellations or returns, please call the Revolution Customer Service Team at 800-806-1157. 

Who do I contact if I believe there was an error made on my rebate? 
Once rebates are sent, if you believe there is an error related to your payment, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you with your questions. 

I opted to take my Costume Rebate from the 2022 season as Revolution vouchers for merchandise. When do the vouchers expire? 
Rebates that are given as Revolution vouchers will be placed on your account by August 2023 and will have an expiration date of 6/30/2023. Each voucher is applied in $25 increments. To redeem your vouchers, simply call 800.806.1157 to place your order. Vouchers cannot be redeemed on online orders.